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Opera singer, television executive, general director of the Hungarian State Opera. Born in Veszprém and graduated from Lovassy Grammar School. After completing his musical studies at the Ferenc Liszt College of Music in Győr, where he qualified as a teacher of vocal soloists, Szilveszter Ókovács went on to study opera singing at Budapest's Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music. Following stints teaching singing and opera history, he took up his first positions with the OPERA: first as manager of the Erkel Theatre, and later as its director of communications. From 2002, he then spent a few short years away from the theatre to moderate programmes on culture and public affairs at Hír TV and later to become CEO of Duna Television. Since 2011, the Hungarian State Opera has again been at the centre of his life: after first being named government commissioner and later acting general director until he was appointed to the position on a permanent basis and continues to labour on behalf of Hungarian opera performance. His credits include a collection of essays entitled Kritikám alul as well as productions, films, libretti, and translations. In 2022 he was awarded the Middle Cross of the Hungarian Order of Merit. He is the longest serving general director in the history of the Hungarian State Opera.

Dr. Szilveszter Ókovács