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Tamás Pál's name is a familiar sound in the world's concert halls, and especially its opera houses, since the highly experienced conductor has demonstrated his extraordinary skills in playing music dramas on every continent except Australia. He began his career in Budapest, but it was really in Szeged where he developed it. This is also where his far-reaching international career was launched, and drawing on his experiences in this city, he made Szeged into a recognised and honoured centre of opera life. In addition to his regular obligations in Hungary, he has been engaged to conduct at numerous spots around the world. He has appeared to great acclaim in a number of major cities in Italy and France, just as he has in Lima, Portland and Caracas. Over the course of his career, he has conducted the entire Italian opera repertoire, and is deservedly considered an expert on bel canto. In addition to interpreting world-famous works, he has taken an active part in broadening the operatic repertoire. He is associated with the rediscovery of significant works, of which more than one – for example, Salieri's Falstaff, Cimarosa's Il pittor Parigino and Liszt's Don Sanche – have become a living part of the international repertoire. He has collaborated as conductor in creating numerous significant concert and opera recordings of a high standard, released by such labels as Warner Music, Naxos and Hungaroton. Over many years of work as a teacher, he has educated generations of répétiteurs and singers at Budapest's Liszt Music Academy, and is currently engaged in teaching the operatic voice students at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Szeged. In recent times, he has also been involved in directing opera productions.
Tamás Pál