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Born in Montreal to Hungarian parents and currently based in New York, Rory Winston is a writer and poet active in different genres, including theatrical works, television productions, scriptwriting, stand-up comedy, poetry, lyrics for songs and musicals, as well as cultural criticism.
His best-known dramatic work is Turn Left at Gilgamesh, which he created for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, winning a nomination for a Drama Desk Award there. He writes song lyrics in various styles (pop, industrial, urban, R&B, rock, alternative, indie, as well as for musicals) for such artists and groups as Indica, Iconcrash, Substances, Elliphant, Dash, Isaac Elliot, Benny Blanco, Private Line, Wellu Rowaltz, Fran Palermo, David Szesztay, Ambrus Tovishazi, Alejandro Sanchez and Rozina Patkai.
His book Jne. Kinomaanikon Käsikirja (“Diary of a Cinemaniac”) received the Pushcart Prize.
In addition to moderating radio programmes and working as a journalist, including for the New York Resident, the Huffington Post and the New York Review of Books, Winston has also served as editor of the Finnish contemporary literary magazine Kirjain.
He has also co-directed two Off-Broadway plays and directed three summer theatre productions (for the Triad Theater and the Cherry Lane Theater), and has produced two of his own dramatic works.