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Professional history:
Dutch National Ballet – choreographer (1961-1965); artistic co-director (1965-1971); artistic director (1971-1991)
Sonia Gaskell Company (1952-1961)

Choreographic activities:
Strauss: Vier Letzte Lieder, Boerman: Monument for a dead boy, Schat: Onder mijne voeten, Prokofiev: Romeo and Juliet, Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake

Works as author:
For a lost soldier, The trail of a comet, The life of Willem Arondéus, Olga de Haas: a Memory, Memories of Sonia Gaskell

Awards and recognitions:
Silver Medal, Amsterdam (2005)
Life Time Achievement Award (Prix Benois dela Danse) (2002)
Officer of the Order of Orange-Nassau (1991)
Sonia Gaskell Award (1985)
Verdienstkreuz am Bande, Germany (1982)
Choreography Prize, Amsterdam (1956, 1970)
Knight of the Order of Orange-Nassau (1969)
Prix de la Critique (1961)