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Tünde Szalontay has studied acting, singing, modern dance and butoh, primarily under the guidance of international artists and teachers (including Daniela Piccari, Torger Wethal, Mark Thompkins, Michele Abbondanza, Malou Ariadnou, Dominique Mercey, Christine Quaraud, Oguri Renzouku, Tess de Quincey and Stuart Lynch). After working as a member of the Arvisura Theatre under manager István Somogyi until 1992, she joined the company of the Teatro Rio Rose, spending the next eight years there and making appearances with them in both Denmark and Italy (The Master of the Sky, La gazza ladra, Turandot). Since 2000, she has been a member of Béla Pintér and Company, where she has appeared in the following productions: The Gate to Nowhere, It Will Kill You and Make You Stupid, Peasant Opera, Dievoushka, The Queen of the Cookies, Korčula, Lonely Star, The Madwoman, the Doctor, the Disciples and the Devil, Children of the Demon and Kaisers TV Ungarn. She has also acted in several films, including András Salamon's Getno, András Jeles's Joseph and His Brothers – Scenes from a Peasant's Bible and Roland Vranik's The Citizen, as well as various short films, and has occasionally appeared in productions of Feminine Streak, the City Theatre, the Krisztián Gergye Company and the Scallabouche Theatre Company.
Tünde Szalontay