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Zita Szenteczki was born in Budapest in 1991 and studied drama at the University of Arts Târgu-Mureş in Romania in a course led by Katalin Berekméri and Zsolt Harsányi. Since 2012, she has been enrolled in the theatre directing programme at the University of Theatre and Film Arts Budapest with a specialisation in puppetry. She has been interested since an early age in both the theoretical and practical aspects of the fine arts: a number of her family members are fine artists, and she has also expanded her knowledge in this area through working groups, summer creative camps, competitions and studying art history at high school. She formed her first close connections with the theatre at the Földessy Margit Drama Studio and the Alternative Propaganda Theatre at Városmajor High School, and then later performed in several productions at the Föld Theatre. In the summer of 2010 in Copenhagen, she developed, jointly with local residents, a multilingual production titled And It Will Be So, and between 2012 and 2015 created a number of examination productions at the University of Theatre and Film Arts, including The Stranger and Iphigenia from A to T. She premiered her production Tales of La Fontaine at Győr's Iron Rooster Puppet Theatre in 2014.
Zita Szenteczki