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Born in Budapest in 1987, Gergely Z. Zöldy earned his diploma in set and costume design at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Kaposvár in 2009, where he studied under Róbert Menczel and Ágnes Gyarmathy. Since September of 2010, he has been continuing his studies at Budapest's Academy of Theatre and Film Arts, working on an M.A. in motion picture visual design. He gained experience in scenery and set construction while spending his summer internships in the workshop of the Scabello set construction company. He first worked as a set designer with Csaba Tasnádi, and as a costume designer with Ferenc Anger. Since 2009, he has been on the creative staff of the Armel Opera Festival. He has partnered with Róbert Alföldi several times, assisting with set development, and has worked with Miklós Gábor Kerényi at the Miskolc Opera Festival and with Roland Rába and Gábor Tengely at the National Theatre. In addition to his work at traditional and alternative theatres, he has also begun expanding his range of skills as a designer in the genre of film.

Education and training:
University of Theatre and Film Arts, Budapest, MA in motion picture set design (2010-)
Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest, BA in animation (deferred 2009-)
University of Kaposvár, Faculty of Arts, department of set design (2005-2009)
Dugonics András Piarist High School, Szeged (1999-2005)
Central Szeged Drawing Group, Szeged – teacher: Ferenc Pataki (2003-2005)

Awards and recognitions:
Junior Prima Award, theatre and film category (2017)
Tivadar Márk memorial plaquette (2017)

Associations – discussions with contemporary artists – spatial layout (by competition), Bárka Theatre, Budapest, director: Róbert Alföldi (2005)
Gorky: Summerfolk – set design, Ódry Theatre, University of Theatre and Film Arts, director: D. Géza Hegedűs (2008)
Weiss–Peaslee: Marat/Taram – set and costume design, Csiky Gergely Theatre, Kaposvár / on the “Home Stage” of the Comedy Theatre of Budapest / POSZT, director: Gábor Rusznyák (2008)
Feydeau: Le Dindon  set design, Hevesi Sándor Theatre, Zalaegerszeg, director: Csaba Tasnádi (2009)
Pasatieri: The Seagull  set design, Dicapo Opera Theatre, New York / National Theatre of Szeged, director: Mária Harangi (2010)
Vaage: Veslefrikk – assistant set designer, Den Nye Opera, Bergen / National Theatre of Szeged, director: Róbert Alföldi (2010)
Péter Müller: Rashomon – design, Tűzraktér Independant Cultural Center (2010)
Rossini: Le compte Ory – costume design, National Theatre of Szeged / Budapest Spring Festival, director: Anger Ferenc (2010)
Szirmai: Miska the Magnate – set design, Oradea State Theatre, Szigligeti Company, Csaba Tasnádi (2011)
Molière: The Miser – costume design, National Theatre, Budapest, director: Roland Rába (2011)
George Bernard Shaw: Saint Joan – assistant set designer, National Theatre, Budapest - director: Róbert Alföldi (2011)
Ákos Kele-Fodor: Death and the Clown – costume designer, Transylvanian Theatre on Wheels, director: László Csuja (2011)
Spiegel: Six Octaves – designer, short film drama, director: Adam Berzsenyi Bellaagh (2011)
László Csuja: The Blockage  designer, short film drama, director: László Csuja / cinematographer: Gergely Vass (2011)
Tasnádi: Kohlhaas – set design, Oradea State Theatre, Szigligeti Company, director: Csaba Tasnádi (2011)
Liszt: Don Sanche – costume designer, National Theatre of Szeged / Budapest Spring Festival, director: Ferenc Anger (2011)
Szüle: One Fool Makes Many – set design, Miskolc National Theatre, director: Csaba Tasnádi (2011)
Masteroff–Varró–Vörös: Cabaret – costumes, University of Theatre and Films Arts, director: Róbert Alföldi (2012)
Sophocles: Antigone – set and costume design, Gózon Gyula Theatre, director: Adam Berzsenyi Bellaagh (2012)
Mayer: A Death in the Family  set and costume design, Armel Opera Festival, director: Róbert Alföldi (2012)
Vörösmarty: Csongor and Tünde  set design, National Theatre, director: Gábor Tengely (2012)
Harmath: Grimace – designer, short film drama, director: Gábor Harmath / cinematographer: Márton Szigethy (2012)
Zsoldos–Müller–Kerényi: Bohemian Casting  designer, Miskolc Opera Festival, director: Kero (2012)
Kalmár: Motel – designer, short film drama, director: Bence Kalmár / cinematographer: Zágon Nagy (2012)
Murderers – designer, sociological parlour game, improvisational, director: Elek Ányos (2012)
Richard Strauss: Ariadne auf Naxos – set and costume design, Hungarian State Opera, director: Ferenc Anger (2013)
Delblanc: Masquerade – set and costume design, Bárka Theatre, director: Adam Berzsenyi Bellaagh (2013)

Gergely Zöldy Z