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Opera houses are the most expensive cultural institutions to finance all over the world. At the same time, the Hungarian State Opera, a pulsating energy source of all arts generates enormous social, cultural and business benefits – by utilising the possibilities inherent in obvious synergies.

The organisation would not be able to carry out missions that go beyond the duties laid down in the Statutes, namely, realise children and youth programmes, educational lectures, and green projects if it did not have the continuous and invaluable support of the private – especially the business – sector. The 2022 reopening of the Opera House made it possible for the OPERA to "compensate" the loyalty, assistance, and perseverance of its partners. It is now essential that the Hungarian State Opera is also surrounded by a stable circle of sponsors befitting the institution's nearly 140-year history and the genre itself. The historic building on Andrássy avenue will provide a fitting venue for this exclusive club once again. The renewed club is an informal community, organisation, and location where actors of the business sector can seek out their partners. A closed community, which is still open. It is open to innovations, but closed, because of its exclusivity. The OPERA will finalise its structure in cooperation with its supporters.

Members of the Club are invited to enter a partnership and cooperation. The OPERA offers networking with A+ managers, its partners can meet potential customers, take advantage of exclusive services and benefits of club membership.